The Keystone for Geriatrics provides expert primary care for seniors in the treasure valley. Our interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurse practitioners, therapist, nurses and pharmacists offers a full range of primary care for seniors, including post-hospitalization visits and referrals, treating falls, frailty, confusion and memory problems. We also coordinate care with other specialists and care providers, family and any in-home healthcare providers. Our comprehensive program eliminates or simplifies stressful decisions for patients and their caregivers, and helps them enjoy their golden years with their family, friends and community.

Providing Full-Spectrum Geriatric & Dementia Evaluation and Management

Our Center, directed by Dr. Megan Dunay, a board certified Geriatrician, provides:

  • Comprehensive geriatric assessment and consult
  • Mental competency/capacity examination
  • Evaluation of memory and cognitive functions
  • Medication management and prevention of polypharmacy and drug cascade syndrome
  • Evaluation and treatment of Geriatric Syndromes such as falls, Parkinson Disease, dementia, etc.
  • Evaluation and management of behavioral disorders related to geriatric population such a delirium, depression, anxiety, and dementia
  • Palliative consult
  • Cognitive assessment and diagnosis of dementia
  • Elder abuse assessment
  • End of life care

About Keystone Center for Geriatric Medicine

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